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The Chuckabees

(Updated May 31, 2012)

Sample Chuckabees
Sample Data

"The Chuckabees" is an evolution simulation activity.
Dice and rulers are required.
(see summary below)

by Charles A. Burrows
(Chuck A. B.)


OR... Don't have dice? Try this!

OR... Use this shuffler for ANY body part!
(Each person in a group can focus on one body part!)


Students roll dice to determine the characteristics of one chuckabee.

Class calculates the population's characteristics' averages.

Each group rolls a die to become geographically separated.

Students roll a die three times to see:

1st: Which characteristic "feels" selective pressure (yep... One characteristic at a time)

2nd: How this pressure affects the characteristic (simple math for speed)

3rd: How long the pressure affects the characteristic for (potential amplification of characteristics)
Repeat for 10,000 years. See: Sample Data
Students compare the ending population characteristics to the starting characteristics, and to other groups' ending characteristics by DRAWING them with cm rulers!
I included the end results of my first time doing it. See: Sample Chuckabees

Top: An Individual Chuckabee
Middle: Beginning AverageCharacteristics of Starting Population
Bottom: Ending Average Characteristics of Geographically Isolated Population (Notice the missing tongue? The last number ended up being zero!)